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Google Buzz – Smart Move…

The rise of Facebook, Twitter and other social media services is surely of concern to the brains inside the Googleplex.  Google’s latest attempt to reclaim some of this social media territory and mindshare is Google Buzz.  I read about this for the first time yesterday and it was finally activated for my account today.  I’ll need to spend some more time with it before commenting in any great detail.  My first reaction is that Google has made a very smart play but it may not be enough to slow Facebook.

Increasingly, the first thing people are doing when turning on their computers is logging into Facebook to see what is happening in their world. This represents a sea change, relegating email to position #2.  Google is playing to their strength with Buzz by bringing social media updates into the Gmail inbox.  This is a very clever play.

The challenge for Google is that while they are bringing buzz into Buzz from the likes of Twitter, Flicker and other sites, updates from Facebook (and Linked In) aren’t there yet.  If Facebook can’t be brought into the Buzz, then I doubt this move will be sufficient to stop, or even slow, the Facebook juggernaut .

More thoughts on this to follow once I’ve had more time to evaluate Google Buzz.

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