How much more can I take?

by Cy Caine on April 6, 2010

I’m joking.  OK, I’m mostly joking.  Apple’s iPad has been released into the wild and I don’t have one.  Haven’t planned to buy one and almost certainly won’t anytime soon.  I don’t (absolutely) have to have the very latest gadget out there, right.  I’ve made peace with that.  But following so quickly on the 4/2 intro of the iPad is news that this Thursday Apple will release the details on the new iPhone OS 4.0.  If this announcement is accompanied by news of a new iPhone, I don’t know how I’ll handle being even further behind the state-of-the-art Apple  times.  Like I said above, I am mostly joking!

  • Karen Clemments

    I take my iPad with me everywhere. The only thing missing is a phone.nMkne has made my life much easier, even without the 3G connection. (OK, downside–the virtual keyboard creates typos where none were intended). nWith WiFi, I can access my work e-mail and bypass the at-times-troublesome VPN connection; interact with Facebook; search without leaving history behind on public IPCs. Even without it, I can read on the bus (no lighting required), write To-do lists, etc.nDid you get one yet?

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