Google Search results from “My Social Circle”

by Cy Caine on February 4, 2010

For a variety of reasons, some of which I’ll go into in a future post, I have been doing some thinking recently about the use of social media by media companies such as the ones I’ve worked for over the past 15+ years.  Like just about everyone else these days, one of my first stops was to ask the oracle,  As I scrolled down the first page of results, I saw a familiar face.  My first thought was “Dan would be so pleased to know that he is ranking so high for this search.”  As good as Dan is and as much as he has written on this subject, this wasn’t the only reason I got to see his photo tonight.  For the first time, I encountered a search result based on “my social circle.”  Very cool. Potentially a bit scary from a privacy perspective. I need to read up on this new type of search result.  Have you encountered this yet? Have you found it useful?

First Sighting - Google Search Results from "My Social Circle"

First Sighting - Google Search Results from "My Social Circle"

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