Why I love my Kindle

by Cy Caine on February 3, 2010

I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Kindle has changed my life in a small but meaningful way.  Since getting the Kindle last June, I have more than doubled the rate at which I am reading books.  The flip side is that I am reading fewer magazines.  On balance, though, I am reading a lot more and this is a good thing.  While the new Apple iPad looks like it will make a terrific e-book reader, I wonder if the all of the bells and whistles will make it harder to keep focused on the reading? For me I suspect that it would.  I’ve created a page that provides the details on what I’ve been reading and what’s currently got my focus.  You can find it here.

  • Karen Naide

    Well, of all those books, I have read “The Help.” Love it, love it, love it! (Read it on my Nook) You need to do some ratings of the books you have already read. Would like to know if you think “The Blind Side” is worth reading.

  • Thanks for being the first person to post a comment on my new blog. I will get around to posting comments about some of these books, but give me a little breathing room — the site has now been live for just 24 hours! I did enjoy The Blind Side. There were some significant differences between the book and the movie, which I had already seen by the time I picked up the book.

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